2002 Ven. Chi Chern's Visit

On August 2002, Lansing Buddhist Association invited Venerable Chi Chern to give Dhamma talks and Ch'an Meditation Training.

Following are brief introduction of Ven. Chi Chern:
Born in Taiping (meaning serenity and peace in Chinese), Malaysia, in 1955, Venerable Chi Chern was ordained as a monk in 1978.  He has been trained under many famous monks in Taiwan.  In 1980, while taking a Chan retreat with Chan Master Sheng Yen, Venerable Chi Chern received verification of  "seeing the true nature."   He received transmission from Master Sheng Yen in 1985.
Beginner's Meditation Class at Amithabha Village
Happy Mediator at the end of the meditation classes.
Dharma Talk Informal talk by the Higgin's Lake
Coolest Monk & Kid Waiting for the sunset at Sleeping Bears Dunes National Lake Shore
Picture in front of the BIG MAC
Finally, picture perfect sunset!