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Tibetan-Mongolian-Monks Dharma Tour to East Lansing


This tour include three monks lead by Ven. Tashi (see for details), and the purpose of the tour is fundraising for the Buddhist school in Mongolia.



Detailed schedule of activities and other information will be posted when they become available. 


If you are interested in be a volunteer to help out this events,

please contact Lina Wu (517-351-7077 or 



This is their second Dharma tour to Lansing area, and following is some highlights of their 2003 tour in Lansing:


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Although there are 21 different forms of TARAS, White Tara is very unique. She had one face, two hands, seven eyes (two eyes on her 2 feet, two eyes on her two palms, one eye on her middle forehead and two eyes as usual and total 7 eyes.

She is totally unique, giver of life energy and deity of constructive actions. Those who are very sick, mentally depressed unsuccessful in ones career, unclear intelligence during the studies.

Sand Mandala

What is Mandala ? It is the Tantric Geometrical representation of abode of principle deity surrounded by his or her retinue. There are many types of Mandala. 1) Sand Mandala 2) Painted Mandala
3) Concentration Mandala or creation or visualization of Mandala through the power of Meditation.
4) Wood carving Mandala or solid standing Mandala etc.


In Tibetan it is commonly called as (JEN-SEK) This means ritual of offering different foods substances of Gods by burning it in the fire God. There are 13 different kinds of substances required for the fire puja.


DHARMA TEACHINGS :- (LAM ?RIM) "The gradual path"

It is an explanation on how from a common people to stage of enlightenment can be achieved through the different stages of the gradual path.



YAMANTAKA IS SANSKRITI TERM :- Literally meaning the wrathful aspect of Wisdom Deity MANJUSHRI.

YAMANTAKA DEITY is very effective in this 21 st century to bring down the degree of violence, disease, disintegration mistrust, and communal hatred.


(JAB-TRUL) Tibetan term literally means to clear whole body and wash away all the impurities with sacred water. This is a special puja that clean and washed away all the impurities of body revitalize ones health, pacify mental related problems.


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