Beginner's Meditation Class


Location: Sparrow Hospital, Professional Building, Suite 111

Instructor: George Yeh, an experienced DDM assistant meditation instructor. George has been practicing meditation for more than 15 years and teaching meditation at Ann Arbor, West Bloomfield, and Northville areas.

Time: The class is consisted of totally four 3-hours sessions on Saturdays, 4/8, 4/22, 5/6, and 5/27, from 2:00 to 5:00pm

Space for the class is limited. Please call Sparrow at 517-364-2764 to register. If you have any questions regarding the class, please e-mail the instructor at

Introduction to Beginner Ch'an (Zen) Meditation of Dharma Drum Mountain Practice by George Yeh

The goal of the class is to introduce beginners a set of basic knowledge about meditation practice, specifically the Ch'an (Zen) Meditation of Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) School of practice. After learning this set of basic knowledge, beginners can practice meditation by themselves. This class will be taught in a non-religious tone, and focus the teaching on technical issues, problems solving, applications to daily life, and potential benefits of practicing Ch’an meditation.

Ch’an Master Sheng-Yen is the founder of Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association. He always emphasizes that one does not need to be a Buddhist or religious person to enjoy the benefits of Ch’an meditation practice. He developed the original meditation course material. I am trained to teach beginner meditation by using the course material. The course material is applied into a format for the purpose of teaching beginner meditation at Sparrow Hospital as a part of community education. The meditation methods taught in this class would include "Following the Breaths", "Counting the Breaths", and if time allowed, a little bit of "Silent Illumination."

This is going to be a small class with no more than 12 people. So, the instructor can interact with everyone and correct the sitting posture problems, or answer questions of each participant.

Class will meet twice a month. Total class time will span two months. Each class meeting will last for three (3) hours.

At each class meeting, two (2) hours will be used for lecture, about 20 - 30 minutes will be used to practice meditation methods, and half hour used for Questions and Answers. Students may leave early after two and half hours. Hence, the total class hours will be around 12 hours. All participants can practice meditation at home after the class. Questions from at home practices will be answered in the following class session. All participants are expected to practice at least one hour a day at home.

--- George Tye-Yan Yeh Dharm Drum Mountain assistant meditation instructor