Amitabha Village Retreat Center (AVRC) Project


The Vision of Amitabha Village Retreat Center


Buddhism teaches us to calm the mind so that we may live with happiness and harmony in this restless world.  By providing ample space for activities, residence for teachers, and beautiful landscaping, the building project will help realize the full vision of the Amitabha Village Retreat Center: a place that inspires inner growth and provides a peaceful, comfortable environment for Buddhist practice.  


Weekly group chanting, sutra study, Ch'an meditation, monthly Pureland Retreats, beginner meditation classes, family-style Buddhist activities including Buddhist education for children, seven day retreats, Dharma talks and seminars are among the many activities that can take place at the Center once the project is completed.


Please see the the AVRC brochure for more detailed information. 

Brochure in English


Construction Progress Photos


Construction Timeline Budget & Plans


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